Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads for Display and SEM. How can we help?

Now you might be asking, what if I already have an SEO strategy in place? 

Or maybe you have plans for a special running and you need something short term but effective to drive traffic and leads to your site. This is where Pay Per Click advertising comes into play!

Pay Per Click advertising is an excellent way to generate leads for your business, drive traffic to your site and advertise your services to potential customers. It's an effective solution for letting your audience know what your business is all about and how YOU can enrich the life of your customer.

The benefits of running a PPC campaign are that it can be very cost effective as budgets can be managed to a daily dollar amount, quick to implement to start generating ROI, ads can be highly targeted to different user profiles and flexible in optimizations, where changes to your campaign can be done daily too.


So what is Pay Per Click you ask?

Pay Per Click is exactly what is sounds like, you only pay for an ad when a user clicks on it and is directed to your site. PPC can relate to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and display advertising which is managed through Google AdWords.

Now you're probably wondering what goes into running a successful PPC Campaign? Glad you asked!


Keyword choice plays an important role in how successful a campaign can be. Choosing the most effective keywords at the beginning is crucial but we always have the option of adding or removing keywords as the campaign picks up pace.


We are experts choosing the most relevant keywords to bid against which will ensure the best success for your campaign. We'll do the analysis on the most relevant keywords to use and set up a bidding strategy to ensure no spend is wasted!

The Ads

How do you engage with your desired audience?

By writing and creating the most captivating ads of course! You're in safe hands when you sign up with TWOBEFORE9 Media - we have expert copywriters who assess your business, your services and write up the most captivating ads to ensure your target audience know that you're what they need after the first word!

Watch the traffic on your site skyrocket to unseen levels!

The Landing Page

A great landing page should be relevant to your business, your ad as well as your audience. A great landing page should have the information your advertising and exactly what your customers are looking for. 

Search engines see all this - and the more relvant your landing page the more chances you have of showing your ad for costs. So why not let us create a brand new beautiful and relevant landing page that will keep your audience engaged and generate the leads you need!


This is where our analysis gets technical. 

Once we've done the relevant keyword research, provided our recommendations and written up the ads - the REALLY hard work begins. 

We monitor the progress of your campaign on a daily basis, ensuring we are competitively bidding on the keywords chosen but also making sure we are reaching far and wide to generate those leads! 

By monitoring the bidding and optimizing where necessary, we make sure your budget does not go to waste!

BUT there's so much more that goes into PPC!