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How you can re-enforce your brand to potential customers

Have you ever ALMOST bought something on a site and decided at the last minute "I'll wait a bit..."

You might have noticed that the ads you'd see after that interaction seem to be directly targetted to you and urging you to go back and "finish the sale"

That is re-marketing and it is a powerful tool!

About Re-Marketing

Recent data has proven that businesses that engage in re-marketing see an increase in conversions from customers. Its obvious, the more times your ad is seen by a user, the more chances you have of being remembered for your product.


Lets face it, if your users don't know your business is out there, how do they know that they need your product?

What are the benefits?

 - Increase your conversion rate

 - Track your visitors on your site

 - Keep your users coming back

Where can we implement this?

Re-marketing, just like audience targeting can be applied to so many different channels of advertising. This includes but isn't limited to

 - Facebook Ads

 - Instagram Ads

 - Google Ad Words - Display

 - Google Ad Words - SEM

So do you want to be remembered?