Social Media


Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, targeting and more!

How many people have you met that aren't using social media? ​

The latest statistics relased by the government show that a huge 79% of all Australians are active on at least one form of social media

Not to mention 59% of those users are accessing the likes of Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis

There has never been a more important time to boost your online presence across social media platforms. Let's face it, if you're not in front of these users then how do they know that you exist? That is where we come in!

Just like Pay Per Click advertising, running ads across Facebook and Instagram is an excellent way to generate leads for your business but also to drive conversions on your site. 

Investing in advertising across Facebook and Instagram is extremely cost effective considering the amount of options you have in targeting audiences. Not only are you able to build a user profile that you would like to target ads towards, we can even connect your CRM data to re-market to users who have previously engaged with your business. The biggest advantage of using Facebook and Instagram ads lies within the audience targeting and this is where we thrive!

The targeting options are endless! You can target towards Age brackets, Gender, Location, Browser/App Language or even target based on a unique list of emails.

So what is Pay Per Click you ask?

What are some things we will need to consider to effectively maximise the reach and success of your campaign?

Who are you targeting?

 - What are their Interests?

 - Do you want to target an income range?

 - What is the Age of your target audience?

 - Do you need to target a specific gender?

 - Have they visited your site before?

What is the campaign goal?

 - Do you want to increase traffic to your site?

 - Do you want to generate leads for your business?

 - Do you need to increase awareness for your brand or product?

 - Maybe grow engagement with your facebook page?

 - Have you developed a new App or program that you need users to download?

 - Incease foot traffic for your business?

How can we help?

Luckily we are experts in the field of digital advertising! Our promise is to not only reach your goal but to smash it out the ball park! 

We want to make sure that you:

 - Generate useful leads

 - Permanently increase traffic to your site

 - Build a relationship with your audience

 - Make your brand or business a household name

 - Improve your conversions

but most of all - grow your revenue!

So do you want to increase your ROI?